#PicOfTheWeek - Ghosts of St. Paul's

This week's image comes from a trip I took to London a few years ago. I grew up in London before moving out to the sticks of Wiltshire and so I always enjoy a trip back and tend to do it at least once a year.

This time I was there in January and took a walk along the south bank of the Thames to the Millennium Bridge. Just across the bridge is the beautiful St Paul's Cathedral.

For this image I wanted to experiment with having people in a long exposure image. I like to call this one The Ghosts of St Pauls.

Sadly i no longer have the exif data for this image, my back up and record keeping wasn't what it should have been in the early days, but from memory I believe it was around a 10 second exposure. I think now, looking back, I could/should have probably taken a slighly shorter exposure to make the people stand out a little more, but i like the effect and it's something I really should try again.

#landscape #photography #longexposure #london #stpauls


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