I'm putting this down as a project, although at the time I didn't really realise it. Back in January, when we were still allowed out and there was no such thing as social distancing, I went on a trip into London. My January trips into London usually cover a few reasons, firstly, I am a member of the English Civil War Society (more on that in a future post), and so I either take part or photograph the King's Army annual march to commemorate the foul murder of King Charles I. Secondly, I always take the opportunity to do some riversape photography along the Thames, but thirdly, on this occassion, I decided to spend half a day doing some people watching and caught some candid shots.

London is always full of interesting characters and so, whilst it wasn't at the time a conscious decision to make this a project, I did enjoy it and I will share the images with you.


#london #streetphotography #peoplewatching #people #photography #humaninterest

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