Other Photography Interests... part 3

As I've mentioned before, landscapes and seascapes, or any kind of scape is my first love and passion when it comes to photography. However, I have had a lot of fun and success as a people photographer and a sports photographer, which I have mentioned in my previous blog posts Other Photography Interests.. Part 1 & 2.

As well as these areas I aslo enjoy photographing events. From small village fetes, to local ploughing competitions, to large scale military reenactments as well as larger corporate events involving celebrity speakers. I find them all great fun to capture the atmosphere.

I am also a member of the English Civil War Society and as such I often get a ringside seat at their large scape reenactment events, including the impressive London march in commemoration of the death of King Charles I.

As with so much of my photography involving people, I most enjoy capturing expressions or actions and this also applies t my event photography.

So if you are an event organiser or sponsor and would like some awesome images of your event, give me a call.

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