Other Photography Interests... Part 1

I mentioned on my About Me page that as well as my first love and passion of landscape photography, I also enjoy being part of a team that covers photography at professional football matches.

I have covered all levels of of professional football, from Swindon Town in League 2, Bristol Rovers in League 1, Bristol City, Reading and Cardiff in the Championship, Chelsea in the Premiership and Wales at International level, as well as Cup games and other teams.

I love it, it's great fun and you get access to parts of football stadiums that you wouldn't normally.

I've been published in National newspapers now on a number of occassions which still always gives me a buzz.

Having said that, when it comes to photographing football, my real favourites are the non-league clubs, Frome Town and Bradford Town.

Both of these clubs have such a welcoming atmosphere, I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to watch good, competitive football in a friendly environment.


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