Ideas for Lockdown

Ok, I know I’m a bit late to the party with some lockdown restrictions starting to be lifted, but if you’re still looking for some ideas of things to do this blog will give you a few ideas. If, in the future, we have to lockdown again (hopefully not), or you can’t get out for any reason, try a few of these to stop the boredom setting.

1. Clean and repair Your Equipment – We all have lots of equipment that takes a bit of a pounding. Whether it’s the weather or little bangs general wear and tear. It all needs looking at from time to time.

There’s your tripod – If, like me, you enjoy photographing the coast, then your tripod could pick up sand or salt water. Give it a clean. Check all the screws on the legs and the clips, etc. to make sure they are all working properly. Give any moving parts a wipe down and spray of WD40 if necessary. An old friend of mine once told me, if it moves and it shouldn’t, use gaffer tape. If it doesn’t move and it should, use WD40. A good tip!

There’s your lenses. Check them, give them a clean.

There’s your filters. Always try to keep them clean when you’re out in the field, but use this time to give them all a wipe.

Then there’s your bag. Check it, clean it, clear out any unwanted items then repack it. It all helps for the next time you go out.

2. Learn – Scout the internet for tutorials. Youtube is a goldmine of information. You may think that you know enough and are happy with what you do but there is always some new camera technique or post-processing technique or location or some other inspirational photographer. Surf the net and find inspiration.

3. Location Scouting – Following on, keep searching the internet for new places. There may be local spots that you may have missed or look further afield and start planning your next trip.

4. Re-edit your old pictures – Go back through your old images. There may be some gems in there that you put aside the first time around, or you may have learnt some new processing techniques since you last edited some, or maybe just try a different crop to an old edit. It’s always worth looking back.

5. Housekeeping – If your hard drives are getting full, or even if they’re not, how about going through and clearing out all of the really rubbish stuff. I have a tendency to keep everything, even stuff I know I will never do anything with. Maybe there was a bit of camera shake, or a particularly bad composition. You may need to be a bit hard on yourself and bite the bullet but it could be worth it. Just be aware that this action probably can’t be undone.

6. Try something new - Early on in lockdown i spent some time in my garden with my camera shooting flowers and birds. This isn't really "my thing" but it was fun to try something different. Give it a go, try some new technique or subject. It can be very rewarding.

There are plenty more things you could do from refreshing your website/portfolio, getting more familiar with your camera settings or even reaching out to other photographers for inspiration or exchange of ideas, but these tips should get you started and help alleviate some of the lockdown boredom.

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