Covid-19 Restrictions, Lockdown, etc.

We've been in some sort of lockdown for covid-19 for a few months now and it's been a difficult time for us all. My usual trips to Cornwall or anywhere have been cancelled or postponed and although many restrictions are now being lifted, we all know that the virus is still out there and so need to remain cautious.

To that end, I still haven't booked any trips away this year and so my landscape photography need isn't being met, but I do have hope. I know that at sometime, hopefully in the near future, we will all be getting back to something more like normal.

In the meantime I am taking the opportunity to study, catalogue my images, build my website and various other tasks that i've been putting off.

I've also been doing some reading and have recently been made aware of a very interesting series of books known as the 52 Assignments series by Ross Hoddinott & Mark Bauer. The premise of the series is to take photography genre's and outline 52 assignments for you to try.

Out of curiosity I have purchased three of the books from the series and intend to try them out. Naturally, since Landscapes are what I love, this is the first one I am looking at.

So, over the next few weeks I will be looking at the assignments and seeing if I already have an image that represents it and I will post it with a description. If I don't already have an image then I will endeavour to get out locally and capture one. (lockdown & covid-19 allowing).

So keep an eye out for my next Project series all based around this book.

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