Artistic Projects

Every so often I enjoy going off on a bit of a tangent and challenging myself with an artistic project. This usually involves putting a few images together in photoshop to see what I can come up with.

For this one I had been out photographing a full moon and I had just gained access to a photoshop filter called Flood. So, i thought I would put them together.

Lover's Moon

The idea was actually pretty simple. I took an image i had taken of the moon and expanded the black background. This is pretty straightforward to do in photoshop.

Then I found a little bit of royalty free clip art of the man and woman on the boat, resized it and put it on in the place that i though best suited the composition.

Finally, using the really cool Flood filter in photoshop I created the rippled water effect.

So, not really much photographically in the image apart from the moon but I like the finished product.

This isn't my usual thing, and I probably won't do too many of this type of image, but I enjoyed the experience and like the final outcome.


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