365 Projects

I have mixed feelings about 365 projects. For those who may not be aware, a 365 project is the idea of taking one photograph a day for a whole year. You can start at anytime during the year, the only rule is that you have to make 365 images, one per day. It's quite an undertaking and can either spur you on to try to make a better image everyday, or it can become a chore and make it feel like you have to find something just to be able to post.

I have tried to do a 365 project on a few occassions and tend to fall into the latter group and it ends up having no real positive effect on my photography. I end up giving in and thinking about trying again next year.

Don't get me wrong, I do think that for some people this could be a completely worthwhile excercise and it will improve your skils. Let's be honest, having a camper in your hand every siingle day can only improve your knowledge of that camera and therefore the images that you bring out of it, but for me, I just couldn't manage the commitment.

Some of the images I got from my failed projects I am proud of, but others I look back on and wonder just what i was thinking.

Don't let my negative view put you off though. If you are looking for a lengthy challenge and can commit to it, then give it a go. If you have been thinking about trying this kind of project, then don't be put off. Give it a go. Only then can you decide whether it is for you.

I know people who do this project every single year and love it. I know others, like me, who have tried it and failed. Who knows, I may give it another go in the future.


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