About Me

Hi, I'm Steve and i love photography. 

Many years ago when i picked up my first camera I found that i loved photographing just about anything and everything. My early photograph collections were full of everything from plants, flowers, mushrooms, animals, fields, fence posts, peeling paint, locks, doors, windows, people, cars and other vehicles to just about anything else you can think of.


Over time I started to develop a love for capturing beautiful and amazing landscapes, with a particulalr fondness now for capturing the amazing coastal land and seascapes of Cornwall.

Capturing these incredible scapes is and will always be my first love and passion, but I also have a love for capturing people. I particularly enjoy capturing an expression and my focus is generally on the eyes as they can tell us so much about the person and what they are thinking or how they are feeling..


Although my list of photographic ideas and subjects is in no way exhaustive, my final love when it comes to trying to capture something special is Sports and Action photography, and in particular football. This brings very different challenges to those of landscape photography and I love the contrast between the two. So, one weekend I may be out photographing some amazing scenery, the next I might be at Stamford Bridge photographing a Premier League with Chelsea FC, the County Ground covering Swindon Town or Badger s Hill with Frome Town FC where i am the club photographer. 

This site though will concentrate on my landscape images as that is where my passion lies. I hope you enjoy my images and insights and if per chance you would like to purchase any prints, framed or otherwise, then please do contact me. 

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